Yeshua hated the Nicolaitans!

by Mark S. Railey

Aug. 3, 2021

Does Yeshua/Jesus hate what some pastors teach today?

In Revelation 2:6 & 15, Yeshua says to John concerning the Nicolaitans, "I also hate them!" What did the Nicolaitans do that Yeshua hated?

The Nicolaitans were against the law. They believed that by grace through Jesus, G-d did away with the law. According to this hate-deserving teaching, you could ignore Acts 15 and eat animals sacrificed to idols, and could even commit sexual sin (fornication). As a gnostic belief, you could sin with your body by disobeying G-d's commands and this would not change your eternal salvation because your body (which would die) was separate from your spirit (which would live forever). By the way, the requirement of a resurrection from the dead (or transfiguration of the living) proves this gnostic dualism is wrong. Essentially, the Nicolaitans believed you could eat whatever you wanted and ignore G-d's instructions, and G-d would save your spirit because of Jesus.

This is the #1 sin in the church today - rejecting Jesus by rejecting the Torah and its faith-works.

This sin denies the role of the Torah in the lives of the followers of Jesus. Imagine: Jesus - the Torah made flesh - rejects himself by teaching his followers to reject everything he represented.

Now you know why we must stand with the Torah (Yeshua) and its (his) deeds (faith-works, our pursuancy); to do otherwise, would garner Jesus' hatred toward us according to Revelation 2:6 & 15.

Let us, therefore, reject Christian Nicolaitanism and hold onto the Word of G-d, the Torah, and practice "working out our salvation" through pursuing faith-works that are pleasing to G-d.

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