Why study Torah? (Lishmah Torah)

By Mark S. Railey

Jan. 21, 2021

In Judaism we have an idea called "Lishmah Torah." It means to intend to study the Torah as though it directs your heart to HaShem.

Why Intend to Study Torah?

While there are many opinions (naturally), here are 4+ really good reasons: 1. We study Torah because we are commanded to do so. 2. We study Torah so as to know how to perform a mitzvah. 3. We study Torah so that we may better know and love God. 4. We study Torah for the love of learning, to increase our knowledge and to discover the intellectual depth of the Torah.

With all of these great reasons, why would we choose not to study the Torah?

Well, actually...

1. Because we do not want to submit to God's command. 2. Because we do not want to become doers of the Word. 3. Because we are either atheists or cold toward God. 4. Because we choose to remain ignorant.

(I'm grinning right now) I knew you wouldn't like the counter arguments. If the counter arguments are unattractive to you, then you have discovered one more reason to study Torah: Because to do otherwise is absurd. We must study Torah and avoid allowing the counter arguments to cause rebellion and laziness to rise within us. Wow! Yet another reason to study Torah: So that we remain healthy!

Baruch HaShem! (Blessed be the Name!)

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