Who is the Royal Priesthood?

By Mark S Railey
December 16, 2021

The followers of Moshe Rabbeinu were supposed to be the Royal Priesthood. However, sadly we abdicated our responsibilities, divided our national identity, and ultimately were lost among the nations. Now we are returning to Jerusalem, as prophesied, but we are still not yet all back in the land. Indeed, many tribes are very lost.

So, the Royal Priesthood moved from an ancient ethnicity to a faith-works-based belief system rooted in the Torah. The followers of Jesus/Yeshua took that system to the nations. Eventually, it evolved into what would become early Christianity. Likewise, rabbis tried to keep it fresh within our hearts through some brilliant teachings. The Christian iteration created conflict so that every Jew would eventually have to know what Christians believe. Unfortunately, our prejudice prevented many from learning what our cousins knew. Later (currently), Jews and Christians would/should begin doing and believing the same sorts of things as quests for purity emerge through new insights into history, literature, and the Bible.

Now, believing Jews and believing Christians are discovering that they are part of the same Royal Priesthood - they are two branches woven together. They are both being grafted into the truth, as the prophets foretold. I am saddened that so many Jews don't follow the Torah. I am also saddened that many Christians don't study the Torah. It still seems that neither group is giving grace/mercy to the other branch. This is one of the reasons we started the Study Hall/Beit Midrash.

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