What about UFOs and aliens?

by Mark S. Railey
Mar. 24, 2021

As more and more media prepare for the July announcement on what the government knows about UFOs and as more astronauts, pilots, and scientists chime in on their knowledge, many are left wondering "What does the Bible say about UFOs and Aliens?"

Biblical thinkers have always believed in extraterrestrials. This is not as shocking as you might imagine: We see angels as an example of extraterrestrials. While this post is not about angels, we would be remiss not to mention them as they are part of the worldviews of both Judaism and Christianity. The real question is "What does the Bible teach us about the topic?"

Here is the gist of it: "Extraterrestrials" (or ETs), if they exist, were created in God, and through and for God (Col. 1:16; Isa. 45:12). Only God is to be worshipped and not anything in or from the heavens (Deut. 4:19). Likewise, all the heavenly hosts are to worship God (Neh. 9:6). God knows everything that happens in the heavens (Amos 9:2-3). Finally, some of the “spiritual forces in the heavenly realm” are evil (Eph. 6:12).

Since some ETs may be evil, should we treat every ET (or angel) with disdain? Absolutely not! Some may be messengers sent from God. The Bible sets the guidelines in its teaching about foreigners. If we apply this teaching to ETs, it looks like this: Some may be foreigners in our land (on our planet) and as such deserve not to be mistreated or oppressed (Ex. 22:21; 23:9). Instead, we are to show hospitality (Heb. 13:2). We are to love them as ourselves (Lev. 19:34). As for limiting their behavior - we can expect that they would honor and obey our laws (Lev. 24:22).

Does the Bible describe any close encounters? Yes! Perhaps Ezekiel saw one (Ezek. 1:4; 1:6-7). Could John be describing an alien in Rev. 9:7-11? Perhaps, especially since such a creature is not found on the earth.

What about our role? We were not commanded to rule over ETs as they are not listed in the command to rule over God’s creation (which, in Genesis 1:26, refers only to the earth). However we are told that at some point we will judge over angels (1 Cor. 6:3); thus, we need to learn as much as we can so that we can fulfill our destiny. The heavens, referring to ETs, are to proclaim God’s righteousness (Ps. 97:6) and to rejoice (Rev. 12:12). Perhaps we can help them with that, as well.

Summary: The Bible teaches that ETs exist. Some may be evil. ETs are to be treated with hospitality and love. We can expect that they will obey our laws. We should learn as much as we can so that the prophecy concerning our destiny among them might be fulfilled, quickly.

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