The Ancient Torn Heart: To know G-d, you must study both the Torah and the teachings of Yeshua/Jesus

by Mark S. Railey
Sept. 15, 2021

Here is the problem: One of the reasons traditional Jews reject the teachings of Yeshua is the Christian claim that the church's Jesus is the G-d of the Jews. Still, another reason is the terrible history between the two faiths.

Okay, let's start a conversation about restoring the ancient torn heart.

Does the Bible say a human would be called “G-d”? Well actually, yes!

Isaiah 9:6 says a child, a son would be born and he will be called Almighty G-d. The words “Almighty G-d” in the Swete’s Septuagint are Θεὸς ἰσχυρός. The word Θεὸς (Theos) means “G-d.” In Hebrew, the words are אֵ֣ל גִּבֹּ֔ור (El Gibbor). The word אֵ֣ל means “G-d.” The word for “a child” (yeled) is masculine singular as is the word “ben”, which means “son.” From this, we understand that a human boy would be born who would be called “Almighty G-d.”

Here is the full text: “For unto us a yeled is born, unto us ben is given; and the misrah (dominion) shall be upon his shoulder; and Shmo shall be called Peleh (Wonderful), Yoetz (Counsellor), El Gibbor (Mighty G-d), Avi Ad (Possessor of Eternity), Sar Shalom (Prince of Peace).”

How many Jewish boys, who grew up to become rabbis, have been called “G-d” by their disciples? Only one! His name was Yeshua. This has been a “stumbling block” for traditional Jews. Some rabbis have so argued against the Torah (a manifestation of the inspiration of G-d - 2 Tim. 3:16, cf Neh. 9:30) being manifested as a human (John 1:14, born of the Spirit - inspiration - Luke 1:35), that the followers of the teachings of these rabbis (now called “traditional” Jews) deny the biblical teaching that a boy would be called “G-d.”

Paul understood “Christ” (Moshiach) to be the Torah (compare Rom. 10:6 to Deut. 30:11-14). John understood Yeshua to be the Word/Torah made flesh/human (John 1:1, 14). Thus the followers of Yeshua/Jesus understand that a boy could be called “Almighty G-d.”

If you want to know the Torah, you must study the teachings of “Almighty G-d” (Jesus/Yeshua) and if you want to study the teachings of Yeshua/Jesus, you must study the Torah. If you want to know G-d, you must study both the Torah and the teachings of Yeshua.

Traditional Jews embrace the Torah but reject the teachings of Yeshua. Why? Not because the teachings were not Torah. Most rabbis recognize the Torah within the New Testament. Traditional Jews reject the teachings of Yeshua because the followers of Yeshua were so angry, hostile, and deceitful to Jews throughout history. Traditional Jews have ignored Yeshua (the Torah) because Christians forced this upon them from their failure to fight for Jerusalem against the Romans, to the Crusades, to the disputations and Torah scroll burnings, to the pogroms, to the Holocaust, to today’s boycott of Israel and global antisemitism. Christians refuse to call Jews “family members” so Jews reciprocate by refusing to call the followers of the catholic (church created anti-Jewish) Jesus "family members." To the traditional Jew, any Jewish believer in Yeshua must be a traitor or a fraud! Many Jews do not realize that there are followers of Yeshua that also reject the antisemitic Jesus.

What will restore this ancient torn relationship between the followers of Yeshua and the traditional Jews? Perhaps only the coming/returning of Moshiach.

Could we imagine things that could help restore this torn relationship?

Perhaps here is a hint: At a more fundamental level, today's Christians demonstrate their religion by what they believe, that is, by their faith. While today's traditional Jews demonstrate their religion by what they do, that is, by their works and not necessarily what they believe. Perhaps, a healthy relationship with HaShem combines faith and works.

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