Righteous Gentiles

by Mark S. Railey
June 30, 2021

What makes a Gentile righteous?

There is an established titled "Righteous Gentiles" representing non-Jews who hid Jews during the Holocaust. (For a great book on the topic of genocide and moral obligation, see David Gushee's book "Righteous Gentiles of the Holocaust"). Given the rise of anti-Semitism, we need more Righteous Gentiles to rise up and fight against the burgeoning hatred of Jews and the hatred of Israel. To understand Gentiles who sacrificed to protect Jews, see the attached virtual tour posted by the Jerusalem Post today.

Righteousness is not just fighting anti-Semitism or hiding Jews. Righteousness is doing the instructions of G-d in G-d's way. It is pursuing the Torah for the sake of loving G-d and loving others. It is the message of Yeshua/Jesus - the Good News - lived out in a real-life while knowing there is mercy and grace for when you fail. Yeshua said, "In as much as you have done it to one of the least of these, you have done it unto me" (Matt. 25). You can care even in a way that you think really doesn't matter. G-d cares for the little things you do.

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