Orthodox Judaism blending with Messianic Judaism?

by Mark S. Railey

Aug. 15, 2021

Messianic Judaism and Orthodox Judaism are blending to fulfill end times prophecy concerning teaching Torah to the nations, the return of the 12 tribes to Israel, Yeshua as HaMashiach ben Joseph (but not yet, ben David - the Lamb yes, but not yet the Lion), etc.

Politically, this blend makes sense as Reform Judaism generally swings ever more widely to the left and to the elites' globalist ideology.

I predict that Hasidic orthodoxy, Orthodox Judaism, and Messianic Judaism will merge somehow in the future. Someone will notice that the Messiah is coming for a spotless, pure bride (one that Loves G-d in the way that G-d wants to be loved - thru keeping the commandments) and that the 144,000 (dare I say, Jewish evangelists) that will soon transform the world will probably be young Orthodox/Hasidic Jewish men, sealed by the Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit, and filled with the knowledge of the ways of the Messiah.

My guess is they will have a profound and educated grasp of the Christian world, the New Testament (with all its Hebraisms), and a mastery of the ways of the Spirit.

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