New Years Gift - Something to talk about: The stories around us

By Mark S Railey
December 29, 2021

The truth tends to emerge from the confluence of story worlds. Here are some important story-world conversations, currently underway - warning: There is some truth in them. Enjoy!

• The left is pushing C-19 vaccination and boosters. The military may have developed a vaccination that will stop many diseases including C-19. Eventually, everyone from left to right will opt for this one military vaccination over the multitude of unapproved Big Pharma vaccinations and boosters. • The Omicron variant may be a gift from G-d to cause the larger community to quickly achieve natural immunity from the disease. • President Biden may have been right when he said the Federal Government cannot stop Covid. The states may solve the Covid problem in their own ways. Most would eventually opt for the military vaccination. Peace and unity could be established. • The divided country may unite by exposing the “Deep State” - the manipulators of the global conversation that seek to benefit exclusively only certain politically aligned groups. The real/ultimate global community will not adhere to a particular political vision but will align as a confederation of independent countries committed to new trust authorities that promote an agreement of behaviors. • The world religions may unite by approving behaviors that uphold two central ideas; namely, love G-d and love your neighbor. Belief (or doctrinal affirmations) will not matter as much as behavior (works over faith, or “spirit over truth”). • There will be wars and rumors of wars. Eventually, there may be a war pushed by certain religiously zealous groups. For example, Islamic Extremists could lead and win the wars in Europe and may even overtake the Vatican. • Turkey could be incredibly important in the future as a religious center. Iran will probably attack Israel. The last war will be fought in and around Israel. • Aliens/ETs may be a part of the new story worlds. The story may be used to replace belief systems. There could be a long history of engagement. • A massive technological pulse may transform the globe and advance society in amazing ways. • Wealth may be measured by land ownership. • Before the end, there could be a massive depopulation caused by diseases/illnesses that emerge from compromised immune systems. This depopulation (a “catching away”) may unite the globe.

What of the coming of the Moshiach?

• Before the true Messiah comes, there will be false pretenders. • The Messiah (ben David) will come/return to teach Torah from Jerusalem to representatives from all the nations who will travel to Israel several times each year. The mistakes of the teachers across the centuries will be corrected by His teachings. • The Messiah could create a 1000 year Shabbat/period of rest based upon and amplifying the behaviors and truths taught in the Torah. The Torah may not save humanity. The Messiah will be called “God with us” (Immanuel) and the “Savior” (Yeshua). That is, the Messiah will be the Savior of the world. • People that seek and adhere to the Truth will probably recognize that HaShem seeks worshippers who will “worship Him in spirit and in truth” and not just in “spirit” alone. There could be a return to truth.

So, what should we do in 2022? Study the Torah for both behaviors and for the Truth. Apply what you learn to your life this year! Enjoy these conversation starters!

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