Jews will evangelize the world

by Mark S. Railey
Aug. 22, 2021

Should the government mandate a vaccine that doesn't prevent transmission? one that becomes irrelevant or even dangerous with the emergence of the next variant? That is not what is going to happen.

What I think will happen next:

The flu vaccine does not prevent the transmission (spreading) of the flu. So why get the flu vaccine every year? Because, in the first year, it reduces your symptoms but becomes dangerous if you take the vaccine the next few years. This is because the antibodies fight against the previous year's variants but pulls the new variant into the cell - causing greater symptoms and perhaps hospitalization. Please understand, vaccines are made for specific variants. When the virus mutates into another variant, the vaccination is no longer useful. This is why the vaccination industry has a strategy to create medicines that correlate to the variants - and also why the population may need vaccine boosters. Mandating a particular vaccine is not helpful. For example, mandating the vaccination for the Alpha Variant will not reduce the transmission of the Delta Variant.

What will the government do? It could mandate a requirement that you maintain an up-to-date vaccination portfolio. While this would be a boom for the pharmaceutical industry, now dedicated to developing genetic medicines, the planet may suffer depopulation - perhaps to extreme levels. How extreme? Perhaps to the level that if the rapture occurs and the family of G-d departs the planet at the same time as the depopulation is underway, it is possible that no one left behind will even notice that people are missing.

What is my view concerning these times? Unless the judgment of G-d is averted through intercession (prayer and faith-works), there will be a lot of death before the rapture occurs. It is also possible that our ability to serve G-d will be greatly diminished. We need to do what we can at every opportunity. The days are becoming evil (that is, the days are resisting giving the time we need to serve Hashem). Will we have time to make amends (follow the biblical life) before departing?

Is there hope? Yes! Soon a massive number of Jews (what I believe will be young Hasidic orthodox believers) will evangelize the world. They will be filled (sealed) with the Spirit of G-d. They will have a deep knowledge of the Torah, and the ways of the Messiah. Then, the Messiah will come, the "nation will be converted in a day," and the great battle for the soul of humanity will ensue. The Moshiach will defeat the evil and establish the Kingdom of his Father, Elohim Shophtim Ba-arets (G-d who judges the earth - Ps. 58:11). I also believe that when the Moshiach arrives, we will be with him. Soon afterward there will be a thousand years of peace under the Messiah. Hasatan and its minions will be bound and not permitted to bring evil on the planet - at least until the end of the millennium. (more about this belief, later).

Baruch Hashem!

(The image is of the Tjentiste War Memorial – Bosnia And Herzegovina)

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