"If we are wise, let us prepare for the worst"

by Mark S. Railey

June 1, 2021

George Washington said, "If we are wise, let us prepare for the worst." Let me tell you a story of Sophia that might help you to prepare for the next "worst"/crisis.

In the larger cities, it started with brownouts. Suddenly, the extended power outage hit. Panic and looting set in that overwhelmed the emergency services personnel. Stores and businesses were wiped out or closed. Supply chains failed under delays and stoppages. The overwhelming poor sanitation led to new pandemics and a general lack of medical care. Starvation drove people to steal food and other supplies from their neighbors. There were injuries, illness, mass casualties, and too many deaths.... lockdowns... marshal law... a breakdown of trust...

How would you prepare? Answer: Slowly over the year. Gradually add to your food and water resources as you can. Here is how Sophia did it over several years.

Sophia started a garden, planted a few fruit trees with berry bushes, and grew an herb garden for food and medicine. She started a compost pile. Sophia gathered manual kitchen appliances and equipment. She took care of food for her livestock and pets. Sophia then moved to reinforce nature around her by creating a hidden food forest and building a rainwater collection system. She bought a solar oven and made a smokehouse. Sophia slowly gathered manual tools for gardening and began stockpiling her home-canned food. To store fresh vegetables, she built a root cellar. She stocked up on water and identified a nearby freshwater source. She bought a water filtration system. Sophia raised small livestock, saved the seeds of the best plants in her garden, and even learned how to identify wild game and fishing resources in her area. Finally, she took a short course on fishing and hunting and on identifying wild edibles like mushrooms, berries, and plants.

Thinking about living a few months through her supplies, Sophia realized there could be real dangers. So, she built storm shutters for her windows and doors, reinforced her door locks, and built a tornado shelter outside her house and a safe room inside. To see who could approach her house, she cleared out the brush from around her home and bought some weapons and ammunition. She built a secure fence with a locked gate around her property and created a community of friends who were also preparing for a crisis. They would become her “survival group.” This community of friends believed in God and pursued a biblical life together. After consultation with her friends, Sophia created various deterrents to protect her home against thieves and intruders.

Here are some other things Sophia did.

Sophia prepared a composting toilet, built a fireplace, and had a solar power system installed. Naturally, she stocked up on various size batteries, bought a quiet generator, stocked up on personal medications and identified natural alternatives, and repaired and insulated her house and livestock buildings. She bought a ham radio system, stocked up on replacement parts for vehicles and manual equipment, and figured out how to store gasoline and other fuels. Sophia created a system to wash her clothes and stockpiled firewood for heat. The last thing she did was bury emergency backup supplies just in case she had to "give everything away."

Sophia was wise. She created plans and assigned duties for possible scenarios to friends in her community. She paid off as much debt as possible and created ways to earn money from her property. Finally, she stockpiled items that she could barter such as honey, cigarettes, sugar, coffee, etc.

What is the moral of this story? If a crisis were coming, it would be good to be wise. We should be more like Sophia. While it took Sophia a long time to do all of this, she would be the first to say that the journey was a lot of fun and she learned a lot. Now, she feels more confident than ever before that she could live in a self-sustaining way despite the storms of life.

I'm not saying to do all of this. Do what you can. I'm just saying wasn't it wise for Sophia to prepare while the day was still young and things could be done without much trouble?

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