If the Sanhedrin had managed to keep Jesus in the fold

By Mark S Railey
December 2, 2021

If the Sanhedrin had managed to keep Jesus in the fold (that is, if they had understood and incorporated his message of Torah "made flesh" as the love of HaShem for the salvation of the world rather than to promote the fear that as the popular view of the Messiah, Jesus would lead the nation into an insurrection against Rome and thus draw the wrath of Rome/genocide against the Jewish people) perhaps the genocide of the Bar Kokhba revolt (a hundred years later), the rise of Islam, the Inquisition, the Pogroms, the Holocaust... would not have happened. Jesus/Yeshua did not create anti-semitism within Christianity and Islam. He was a Jewish rabbi who taught Torah to his disciples and asked them to teach the nations the way to HaShem. He taught to love HaShem with all your heart, to love your neighbor as yourself, to forgive/to "turn the other cheek" and that at the judgment, those who have faith in his message of love for HaShem, of sacrifice and resurrection, would gain eternal life.

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