"Doing Jewish" does not make you Jewish

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

By Mark S Railey October 26, 2021

"Doing Jewish" does not make you Jewish just like "doing Christian" doesn't make you Christian. It takes both faith and belief with the commitment/works to the "doing" part to become Jewish or Christian. Sadly many Jews (and Christians) do not know what to believe or how to have faith.

I recently saw a post expounding utter shock that former Christians who converted to Judaism while retaining their faith in Jesus/Yeshua had become rabbis. The writer clearly believed that the rabbis were infiltrators, perhaps "Jews for Jesus" missionaries hiding their true identities so they might corrupt congregations into believing in Jesus. I was stunned at the writer's ignorance and prejudice.

One person commented how sad it was that the Yeshua followers had to hide their true identities because of fear of rejection. I thought this person's comment still demonstrated the wrong perspective.

They believe that "doing Jewish" makes you Jewish. While this is the teaching among many sects, it is a lie. It is not true that behavior makes you Jewish. This is the sad reality among many Jews: You can be an atheist, a Buddhist, a Satanist, or whatever and still be Jewish if you just hang a Mezuzah, light candles on Erev Shabbat, and dress up for Purim. This is not what makes you Jewish.

You must have faith and believe in the G-d of Israel to be a part of Israel. To deny this is prejudice, ignorance, and perhaps anti-Semitism.

Educated Jews know and understand the teachings of Jesus/Yeshua - who is, arguably, the most influential Jew of all times. Because of closed-minded bigotry, racism, prejudice, and bias, far too many Jews raise their noses at Jesus and embrace disdain of his teachings - not realizing that his teachings are rooted in the Torah.

Knowing and understanding the teachings of Jesus does not make you a Christian any more than knowing and understanding the Quran makes you a Muslim. Education is not the enemy of faith - prejudice is!

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